On August 5 and 6 the Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR) will be closing to the public for an external review of their internal affairs. 

According to their website, they said, "We are in the process of investigating concerns raised by former and current employees about systemic racism and discrimination in our workplace."

The review will be handled in two phases.

The first phase is a preliminary review that is already in motion, beginning in late June of this year. The museum will post the results of this review for the public to read on August 6, 2020.

The museum's Board of Trustees established the "Diversity and Inclusion Committee" to oversee the review and put new processes from the review in place in future. 

Completing the review is Laurelle Harris and Barbara Bruce. Harris is a lawyer, among other things, and Bruce is an Indigenous consultant and elder. 

The second stage is a comprehensive review that may take months to complete. 

The committee will take the results from the first review to come up with long-term actions that will affect the museum's policies, practices, and processes.

Due to the nature of the museum, according the website, the CMHR "must be exemplary in its approach to ensuring a workplace culture and environment that is free from racism and oppression in any form."