After seizing control of Myanmar in February 2021, the military continues to attack civilians.

Brian Dennett with AMG International says the junta has also arrested many pastors across the country. Some have been released, but others have been killed. “One of our network pastors from Homalin City particularly asked for prayers. His church members are now in hiding after being bothered by the army.”

“Their homes and property have been taken over and sealed off. I just can’t imagine being kept out of my home.”
Many thousands of refugees have crossed the border to Thailand. Human rights experts say around 590,000 people have fled their homes since the coup. Artillery shelling, aerial attacks, and land mines mean constant danger.

Many people are avoiding the main roads, fearing arrests or detention. Dennett says, “We heard this week that the military has formed a task force or a special group of loyal followers to go out and assassinate those who are supporting the National League for Democracy and their families. [They would also target] anyone found to be protesting the military government at all.”

How to pray

Pray for an end to the violence in Myanmar. As the atrocities against civilians pile up, many soldiers across Myanmar have deserted. Dennett says, “We’ve heard that there are many soldiers that are no longer supporting the effort, and have questioned all along the intentions of the Army.”

Dennett says many people have found hope in the love of Jesus during this difficult time. Ask God to strengthen these new believers.