Soldiers in Northwest Myanmar captured several civilians before shooting 11 and burning them to death. About 50 soldiers marched into Don Taw village on the morning of Tuesday, December 7. Reports indicate some of the victims may have been children.

One of the men killed was part of an AMG International church plant. Brian Dennett says, “I received word from one of our leaders there that one of our church members, he and his son had gone into the village to try to do some banking. They were rounded up, and the next day put on kind of a so-called trial. The father was let go, but the son was killed and then burned to death alive.”

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Dennett says none of the victims had fought against the military alongside rebel groups. AMG partners in the country see no pattern or which civilians get arrested and which ones don’t. The military has used terror as a weapon to keep power ever since the February coup.

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Dennett says, “Please pray that this whole miserable situation would come to an end and that people there would be safe. Pray for their ongoing medical needs and food needs. It has been very difficult for anyone there to get resources to buy food.”

AMG continues shipping food and supplies into Myanmar.

Ask God to comfort the Christians who are grieving this loss. AMG has a network of about 80 church plants in Myanmar, which has close ties to its ministry in neighbouring Thailand.


Written by Kevin Zeller. This story originally appeared at Mission Network News and is republished here with permission.