Natalie Grant announced at the end of September that doctors had grown concerned over tumours on her thyroid nodule and she would be undergoing surgery to remove them.

At the time Grant said that the surgery also posed a risk to her vocal cords. Doctors also wouldn't be able to say for certain whether the tumours were cancerous or not until after the surgery and the tumours were able to be more closely examined.

Today, less than a week after her surgery on October 10, Grant gave an update to her fans after receiving her pathology report.

"The pathology results have revealed that it was, in fact, papillary thyroid cancer," Grant said via a video on her Facebook page. However, that announcement was also immediately followed by good news. "I had two cancerous nodules inside that right lobe. The pathology has also revealed that the cancer was completely contained within those nodules. In other words, they got it all!"

Grant also said that her vocal cords were not damaged. "After several weeks of voice therapy and rest, I should make a full recovery and be back at it."

She gave thanks to her doctor and the doctor's staff at the medical centre where the surgery was performed.

She also said that these last few weeks have drawn her closer to God and strengthened her faith. "I've never heard God's voice audibly, but I know what His presence feels like . . . the last few weeks I've experienced him in a way like never before," Grant said while speaking through tears.

Grant said that she's praying for "all of you today who maybe didn't receive a good report," and that "they would experience the nearness of God" that she has experienced the past few weeks.

Grant had to cancel some parts of her tour for the fall in September, but so far still has her Christmas tour with Danny Gokey listed to begin in the end of November.

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