Multiple Canadian ministries are partnering together to gather research in hopes of helping parents raise children to follow God. 

"The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) along with 15 other ministry partners are interested in what parents are doing to disciple their children," says Lindsay Callaway, a researcher with the EFC. "We want to learn how to better support and strengthen families by understanding how parents pass their faith onto their children."

Some of the other Canadian ministries participating in the study are Bible League Canada, One Hope Canada, Focus on the Family Canada as well as some church denominations. 

"We've spent two years in a multi-phase project that's really culminating with this survey."

The project included in-depth interviews with over 40 parents when it comes to raising their children in a faith-based home. 

"Now we want to understand what's happening on a national level."

The survey is open until June 7 and can be taken by any Christian parent. It can be found on their website and takes people roughly 20 minutes. 

"From the research, we're hoping that church and ministry leaders will be able to better understand the needs of parents, and be more effective partners including in the creation of resources that meet the needs of parents."

Anyone participating will be sent the research report once it's complete, if they want.