This morning, the Progressive Conservatives in Manitoba denied a proposed resolution to safeguard children in sports after seeing it as insufficient protection.

The Manitoba NDP had created the resolution in response to the sexual assault allegations directed at Kelsey Alberta Dana McKay, a Winnipeg high school football coach, that happened between 2004 to 2011.

The resolution contains new rules restricting coaches and teachers from having students and players enter their homes.

"Unfortunately today, the government talked out the resolutions and ultimately did not support it," MLA Adrien Sala, said to CTV News. Sala and fellow MLA, Jamie Moses, worked together to create the resolution.

Head coach of the Winnipeg Rifles football team, Geordie Wilson, also worked on the resolution with Sala and Moses. Wilson said it was a great way to bring awareness to better safety measures for young athletes.

"The fact that the PCs decided not to keep talking to make things better, means everything is good," Wilson said. "If everything is good, then why did those kids at Vincent Massey (Collegiate) get assaulted?"

Andrew Smith, Manitoba's Sports Minister, said that Sport Manitoba's Pathway to Safer Sport, which was introduced Wednesday, addresses the issues that the resolution presents.

The Pathway to Safer Sport campaign includes a sports support phone line, updated policies, and a partnership with Sports Law.

Education Minister, Wayne Ewasko, said the resolution and conversation were too narrow for such a complex issue.

"Our kids, our youth, deserve far more than a one-hour debate to move forward to making sure we have safety measures in place."

An issue that the province acknowledged is that a lot of coaches are parents of the athletes and future policies would have to work around that.

Sala and Moses said that they will continue to try and get the resolution passed.