Organizations that work with Winnipeg's vulnerable population are in need of water bottles as this weekend's temperatures reach near 40 degrees Celsius. 

"The temperature could mean heat stroke, dehydration, or a combination of both," says Martin Chidwick, the Development Manager at Union Gospel Mission (UGM). 

As of Wednesday, the weather forecast for Sunday, June 19 is a high of 37 degrees Celsius before the humidex. Chidwick shares that it isn't just the heat and sun exposure that some of their clients are in danger of.

"Because of the Crystal Meth, for example, these folks may not understand the need to seek help. The more water we have available and the more used to trekking to our door, the better off they'll be."

UGM is in need of more bottles of water. The easiest way is for people to buy a 24-pack and drop it off at their location at 320 Princess street through the front door.

"As with the cold extremes, it's folks not understanding their need to get help, because of the psychosis and what they're on with their drugs can impact the way they feel and respond to weather extremes."

Chidwick says if people see someone in need, potentially unconscious in the heat of the day, they should call emergency services. 

"Prayer is a great go-to. If you could be praying mindfully for the folks on the streets in these very hot conditions that would be a very wonderful thing to do."

CHVN will be doing the Nobody But Jesus radiothon in support of UGM from June 15 to June 16. Tune in to hear some incredible stories of transformation and all that God is doing through their ministry in downtown Winnipeg.