With warmer weather on the horizon, the Nestewaya River Trail has officially closed for the season. 

Since it opened on January 1, 2023, approximately 220,000 people have used the river trail. 

The popular trail reached 6 kilometres this year, stretching from Churchill Drive on the Red River to the Hugo Docks on the Assiniboine River. 

This year, the trail, which included skating, skiing, biking and walking options, was open for 72 days, two days more than last year. It was also just three days shy of tying the record 75 days the trail was open in 2019.  The shortest the trail has ever been open was 33 days in 2017.

As Winnipeg’s meeting place, we’re delighted to see so many folks using and loving this seasonal public amenity as they embrace winter,” said  Sara Stasiuk, Chief Executive Officer, The Forks North Portage.  

Thanks to grooming partner Winnipeg Trails, Winnipeggers enjoyed 13km of skiing on the river, the longest ski trail to date. This year the cross-country ski trail extended onto the Red River to Churchill Drive, as well as connected on the Assiniboine River to a trail leading to Smithdale Park.

As of today, The Forks is no longer monitoring or maintaining any portions of the ice and advises the public to stay off the rivers.