A new affordable housing project has just opened in Winnipeg's North Point Douglas neighbourhood.

Austin Family Commons is a three-storey, 19-unit family apartment building. It has mostly three and four bedroom units so larger families can use them. It also has an elderly suite for older family members to live close by but still have their own space.

"Austin Family Commons will become part of the fabric of this community while ensuring more families have access to affordable and welcoming homes," Families Minister Scott Fielding announced in a release.

The Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation (WHRC) was chosen as the non-profit manager of the property.WHRC is a charitable corporation that provides safe, affordable housing to families throughout Winnipeg, managing about 1,200 rental units. They will be responsible for selecting tenants.

Menno Peters, executive director of WHRC, explained a bit about the project. "This project features larger single and multi-bedroom units, which lends itself well to welcome more families to live and participate in the community. We look forward to working with the community and are pleased to play a part in making sure Austin Family Commons becomes a positive focal point in North Point Douglas.

All rents are set at affordable housing levels for Winnipeg.