A brand new music video with a moving story behind it is out now for Casting Crowns fans.

"Scars in Heaven" is the faith-based band's latest release since 2018, when their last album, Only Jesus, was released. The album received RIAA Gold certifications for the songs "Only Jesus" and "Nobody."

The song's lyrics tell a tale of regret at first, as they express the remorse of someone who feels they didn't spend enough time with another person before their death.

But the mournful lyrics take a powerful turn towards hope as the chorus looms, acknowledging the hurt someone feels after losing a loved one before the promise of heaven is shared.

"The only scars in Heaven, thеy won't belong to me and you / There'll be no such thing as broken and all the old will be made new / And the thought that makes me smile now even as the tears fall down / Is that the only scars in Heaven are on the Hands that hold," the chorus sings.

The video itself spends its first potion focusing on the band's frontman, Mark Hall, singing in a hospital room.

Hall says the song came from a place seeking to help comfort those who've lost someone to COVID-19 over the past 15 months of the pandemic.

The song speaks to the faith and comfort that can come even after losing a loved one to death, the Christian Post reports.

"I began to write the song (while) watching my mom care for her mom and dad as they were passing away," Hall says.

"They passed away within a year of each other."

Hall says his mother witnessing sickness change her parents was a significant weight for her to bear, and while she's a believer, it was still tough for Hall to witness.

"There's this moment when we are suddenly very aware of their absence," Hall says.

As a youth leader at Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Hall is no stranger to helping people walk through grief.

While Christians may be assured in their own faith, it can be very difficult to hold onto that faith for a loved one leaving this world.

"The world seems quieter. You realize you're not going to hear their voice again," Hall explains. "In those moments, along with that, you feel the last moments of their life here. And there was pain, ... there was suffering, or there was tragedy, or there was weakness, or there were wrong choices, and your mind is cluttered with the last thing you remember. And then your only hope is in something you've never seen."

But as the Gospel of Luke shares, Jesus used his scars to show his disciples who he was, to remind them of who they were seeing.

"When we lose someone, our only faith and comfort has got to come from the Father,” Hall says. “It's not going to come from here because all we see are reminders that we don't have."

"They are with Jesus."