A new faith-based film will soon hit the big screen.

WALKING WITH HERB takes audiences on an 18 hole rollercoaster ride as one man discovers how the impossible can be possible through faith family and second chances. 

WALKING WITH HERB features global star Edward James Olmos and comedy legend George Lopez.  In addition to Olmos (Academy Award® nominee, Golden Globe® and Emmy® winner, Battlestar Galactica, STAND AND DELIVER) and Lopez (George Lopez show), WALKING WITH HERB stars Kathleen Quinlan (Academy Award® nominee, APOLLO 13).                            

"We're all being bludgeoned in this world right now. I'm hoping the audience will take away a little hope, a little joy and a little laughter," said Kathleen Quinlan.

In WALKING WITH HERB, Joe Amable-Amo is a bank executive and former amateur golfer struggling with his faith after an unexpected tragedy. Faced with doubts about himself, his purpose and his belief in God, Joe is stunned when God tells him that he’s been chosen to inspire the world and play in a world championship golf tournament. Guided by God’s eccentric personal messenger, Herb, Joe learns that the seemingly impossible is possible…through faith, family and second chances.

This film is based on a book, Walking with Herb: A spiritual golfing journey to the masters, which was written by one of the associate producers, Joe S. Bullock.

"I'm friends with Ross Marks (director of WALKING WITH HERB) and Ross looked at this book (Walking with Herb: A spiritual golfing journey)  I had written and said I want to make a movie of this thing," said Bullock.

And that's exactly what happened. The perfect team came together and WALKING WITH HERB is set to premiere April 30, May 1, and May 3 for a three-night nationwide Fathom Events limited engagement.