A new 12-page resource created by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Manitoba and Winnipeg is now available as a guide to help students in grades 4 - 9.  

The booklet is called "Back to School During COVID-19" and it provides an overview of how the pandemic might impact students along with increased anxiety.

Included are pages that explain different feelings many students may be experiencing, including a chart that shows half of the students feel anxious or worried about school during this time.

Other pages have a journalling section and questions that prompt further thought on a particular topic. There are also colouring pages.

"This evidence-based toolkit highlights the importance of an integrated approach to mental health and well-being.  Students’ learning environments have changed and as a result, there are new routines to follow.  Educators can play an important role in promoting positive mental health among students by creating a safe and caring school environment, encouraging engagement, promoting physical health, and building student resiliency and coping skills," Lynn Russell shared in a media release put out by CMHA.

Marion Cooper is the CEO of CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg.

"Supporting teachers and parents to have access to tools and resources to aid resilience is an important part of promoting and protecting the mental health of Manitoba’s children and youth”, says Cooper.

At the end of the booklet, there is contact information for students concerned with their mental health, as well as a few additional resources. 

While the booklet is aimed towards grades 4-9 students, it could be a beneficial resource for younger children as well.  

The toolkit is available for free for teachers and parents online.