Family Force 5 is a band that truly celebrates the joy of the Lord. If you've ever had the privilege to see them in concert you will know what I'm talking about. They have a stage presence like no other and their infectious nature breaks down even the most staunch of barriers and ensure even the most non-dancing of us will have our hips moving from side to side. Their new album Time Stands Still is the pick of the week this week.

  • Cody Collier - Breaking Free
  • Boiling Point - When You've Lost It All (SINGLE)


  • Family Force 5 - Time Stands Still

Rap / Hip Hop

  • Manafest - The Moment
  • NF - NF EP
  • Swoope - Sinema


  • Bill and Gloria Gaither - Bill Gaither's Country Gospel Favorites
  • Smokie Norful - Forever Yours