After serving some of Winnipeg's most vulnerable for years, a local man is stepping into the position of lead pastor in the heart of Osborne Village. 

"I've been working at Union Gospel Mission for three and a half years here in the city as a chaplain. I had a lot of fun doing that, working with men in the addictions recovery program as well as working with the people in the street community," says Tim Harris, the new lead pastor at Christian Fellowship Chapel. 

Harris started working with people recovering from addictions after attending Bible College in Saskatchewan. 

"I grew in my knowledge and experience as I worked with people. I found that God could do a work through me, somehow He was able to."

Just this past Sunday Harris took to the pulpit for the first time in his role. 

"It's been very welcoming, a very nice environment there. I find them a unique church because there is such a unity that already exists there. That's very necessary in these divisive times."

Christian Fellowship Chapel is located at 465 Osborne Street in Winnipeg.

When it comes to the focus of their church, Harris says, "We'll spread a broad net but we do want to work with our local community as well. They have a very active youth program and a partnership with Youth for Christ in the city. They have a young adults ministry, so they're trying to serve as much as possible, to spread the gospel."

The church is hosting a Thanksgiving service on Sunday, at 11:00 am.