A new poll suggests that many Manitobans favour wearing a mask indoors as the province continues to deal with COVID-19.

Probe Research and EPI Research conducted the survey and found more than eight-in-ten Manitobans support the provincial government implementing a public health order making it mandatory to wear masks in indoor public places. Probe says that number includes six-in-ten who are strongly in favour of the idea.

The survey asked 1,049 Manitoban adults about their thoughts on a variety of issues surrounding masks in an online survey. Because the survey was conducted online no margin of error can be ascribed. However, Probe says, a random and representative non-convenience sample of 1,049 Manitoba adults would have a margin of error of ± 3.0 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. 

While 90 per cent of respondents say they've worn a mask at some point outside of the home, only slightly more than one-third report that they always do.

Graph showing the results(Probe Research)

Just under one-in-five say they will only wear a mask when absolutely necessary.

For people who do not consistently wear a mask, they are most likely to cite three main reasons: that it is too uncomfortable or hot; that masks do not protect them personally from COVID-19; and they feel that masks do not prevent the spread of this virus.

While some may feel uncomfortable wearing masks themselves, seeing others in masks puts eight-in-ten respondents at ease. Fifty per-cent of respondents say it makes them feel reassured.

For those who feel uncomfortable when they see others in masks, the fact that it hides people's faces was the highest concern, with 26 per cent answering so. Another 16 per cent say masks won't protect you or are being used inproperly, and 13 per cent feel it's a form of social control.

Graph showing discomfort with masks(Probe Research)