Three talented Christian artists have teamed up to release a new song they hope will help draw listeners back to the simplicity of salvation in Jesus Christ.

The new single, 'Back to Jesus,' is a collaboration between, Juno- Award winner K-Anthony, Lloyd Nicks and Alisha Eich. 

"K-Anthony was the bridge that introduced us," said Lloyd." I have been friends with K-Anthony for about two or three years now. We started talking, and instantly we became like brothers. It was like we knew each other for years."

Their conversations continued until one day he got a call from K-Anthony while he was writing a song with Alisha. 

"I met Alisha and we started to write over WhatsApp. Eventually, we just kept writing and it took about a month or so to connect again and then we just started writing this song," said Nicks. "This song, I think, was us just pouring out our hearts on Jesus."

In a world filled with doubt and anxiety, the trio says 'Back to Jesus' serves as a compelling reminder that true meaning and purpose can only be found in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us.

"He is present even when you don't feel him, even when you don't see him working," said Alisha.  

They hope the song will cut through the negativity and draw listeners back to the simplicity of salvation.