A popular Christian singer is speaking out against a worship leader's "worship protest" tour across America.

Nichole Nordeman says that worship looks different than what Sean Feucht is organizing. 

Feucht is a worship pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California. He has been holding worship events in cities that have been experiencing racial unrest. Feucht has drawn criticism for bringing together hundreds of people at the events without following COVID-19 guidelines.

At many of the events, Feucht claims that police have blocked him from setting up or accessing his gear. That's the claim he made again on Wednesday while in Chicago. In a video posted to Twitter Feucht, along with other pastors, says that sheriff deputies stopped them.

"We've gathered the Church, we came to set up our gear, and the police blocked us from having our gear," Feucht says. "Listen, 63 people were shot in Chicago this last weekend. Sixty-three people shot, and they're concerned about Christians gathering to peacefully worship. This is what this city needs."

In the text of the tweet, Feucht writes, "WE’RE NOT BACKING DOWN CHICAGO!!! Don’t cancel the miracle your city needs!!!"

Nordeman retweeted the video saying, "I am weary of fabricated  'persecution' narratives. I bet these brave & busy officers were needed elsewhere in Chicago today.

"Worship doesn’t require self orchestrated chaos. God isn’t extra glorified because you won’t back down in ALL CAPS.  Also you can’t cancel miracles."

While hundreds and sometimes tens-of-thousands attend Feucht's events, he has also been met with plenty of pushback from Christians, both on social media, as well as from Christian leaders who say Feucht is drawing attention away from important protests around systemic racism and police brutality.

Feucht posted another video at the end of Wednesday evening showing what he said was a thousand people participating in a Jesus march.