Winnipeg's Nuit Blanche celebration runs later this month, and this time around it's officially including the West End in the festivities.

"Unofficially the West End has put on events before, but now we're making it official... Being official means they get their own zone in the guide book, as well as a trolley," says Joy Balmana, communications and events coordinator for Culture Days Manitoba and Nuit Blanche.

Balmana says they want to push Winnipeggers to new areas of their city, and to really discover Winnipeg again. She says this year's theme is about showcasing Winnipeg for one night only.

"That's kind of the fun aspect of Nuit Blanche, is that everybody needs to be out this one night, everybody needs to be there to really experience everything that's new. And a part of that is people just realizing that their city is really booming and really fun to explore," says Balmana.

Volunteers are welcome.

Nuit Blanche runs September 29th.