The number of tickets for not wearing a mask in indoor places has increased, but the rest of the various COVID-19 related ticketing amounts have lowered or stayed the same.

From the week of January 18 to 24, a total of 205 warnings and 46 tickets were issued due to noncompliance with Public Health Orders. 

Tickets issued include:

• 29 $1,296 tickets to individuals for various offences;
• 16 tickets to individuals for failure to wear a mask in indoor public places; and
• one $5,000 ticket to a business.

Twenty-two of the 29 individual tickets were related to gatherings in private residences or outdoors.

The previous week saw a total of 77 COVID-19 enforcement tickets and more warnings were issued this week compared to a previous total of 183 warnings. Almost twice as many tickets were issued this week for not properly wearing a mask.

"Although the province has made moderate changes to public health orders, they remain in effect and must be followed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Manitobans are reminded to stick to the fundamentals of physical distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask," the province says in a statement.

On Saturday, retail locations in the southern half of the province could reopen after months of closures at a limited capacity. Hairdressers and various other personal services could reopen as well at a limited capacity.

The province says enforcement officers and businesses are working together to "provide guidance and the majority of interactions are educational in nature."

There are close to 3,300 people in Manitoba with the authority to enforce the Public Health Orders.