Nurses from across the province will meet in Winnipeg this weekend for breakfast, fellowship and prayer. 

The group is part of Nurses Christian Fellowship Canada, founded in 1932 to give nursing students and graduates a place to do Bible study and pray together. 

Susan Popkes is the Manitoba representative for Nurses Fellowship Canada. She got involved with the group back in 1989,  

"I attended a seminar they put on. It was called Love that Heals," said Susan.

Popkes is now retired and runs the Manitoba chapter of Nurses Christian Fellowship.  

"The purpose of NCF is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with nurses and equip them to share the gospel with their patients," said Susan. "We have bible studies and prayer meetings. We also have the training program, which is in collaboration with Mision Christian Fellowship International and International Health Global."

Popkes says the group meets the first Saturday of every month. 

Manitoba's chapter of Nurses Christian Fellowship's next meeting is on Saturday, Feb. 3, at 10 a.m. on Zoom and in person at 110-415 Edison Avenue. 

For more details, contact Susan at 204-250-8493