YouVersion Bible App's Bible Plans subscriptions just had a 62 per cent increase on January 1. 

The app announced on their social media pages that over one million people signed up to start a new reading plan on New Year's Day.

Founder Bobby Gruenewald told the Christian Post that the Bible Plans make it easier for users to access the Scriptures.

YouVersion is a downloadable app for smartphones that allows users to access the Bible in more than 1,000 languages aside from English.

Those with YouVersion that subscribe to one of the 13,000 Bible Plans can pair daily passages from the Bible with audio, video, or devotional content.

Fifty languages are available for these plans and help guide people in reading through the Bible over the course of 90 days, six months, or a year.

Gruenewald went on to say that daily Bible reading within the app by starting a Bible Plan is one of the best ways to build discipline.