A pastor in El Paso Texas says “I was asking God to make sure Michelle isn’t in a lot of pain or was suffering," when he heard his daughter had been shot in the Walmart massacre.

Michael Grady, the pastor of Prince of Peace Christian Fellowship, learned his 33-year-old daughter, Michelle, had just been shot three times reports CBN News.

Grady's daughter was able to reach for her mobile phone and call her mom, who then called Grady.

Grady says that he knew she wasn’t okay in that moment, “but I told her she was going to be okay.”

In this time of tragedy, Grady and his family prayed “for divine intervention.”

Grady's daughter had been shot once in her hand and once in her back, while another bullet ricocheted through her pelvis.

Grady says, "We’re mixing faith and medicine together so that, hopefully, she will be able to recover.”

After a successful first surgery, Grady's daughter was immediately scheduled for a second procedure.

As they sat in the waiting room, Grady and his wife prayed - pleading for miraculous healing and divine understanding, regardless of the outcome.

Grady says, “God has a purpose, even in this. And he stands with you, and the people of God stand with you to cover you with love and grace and walk with you on this journey. It says ‘walk through the valley of the shadow of death,’ not ‘stop in the valley of the shadow of death.’”