The province is opening an online portal, allowing people to see their COVID-19 immunization records.

A secure immunization card is in the works, coming as soon as this spring. In the meantime, a website previously used for COVID-19 test results for Shared Health will host the records. The Health Minister says the province's latest tool is answering a call from the public.

“We know many Manitobans have asked for their COVID-19 vaccination information from our public health offices. The new online portal will make this easier for all eligible Manitobans until a more permanent immunization card is available,” Health and Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson says in a statement.

Providing a personal email address and valid Manitoba Health registration card, locals can log into the website, finding both their immunization records in the same spot as their COVID-19 test result.

“This is another proactive measure to ensure people have access to their own health information."

The records will take time to show, becoming available as soon as 48 hours after, but could take as long as a week to show the immunization records.

Employers and other parties are being told they should not request proof of immunization.