Wycliffe Associates is creating a launching pad for international Bible translators who face persecution for what they do. 

They are an international organization that empowers mother-tongue Bible translators and partners with local churches in the advancement of Bible translation. 

Wycliffe plans to establish what they are calling a safe haven in countries where Christian persecution is highest. According to a media release, the facility, which will be located across the border from an undisclosed country, will function as a 'launchpad' for Bible translation projects in difficult and dangerous regions of the world that potentially will serve millions of people.

"We need to stand with these believers," says Tim Neu, Interim President/CEO of Wycliffe Associates, "especially seeing how much they have suffered and sacrificed for the cause of Christ."

Earlier in 2021, they announced that even with the pandemic, in 2020 they saw the highest number of Bible translations to date. 

Through its Church Owned Bible Translation initiative, Wycliffe Associates partners with local churches that need translations of the Bible in their own language by providing mother-tongue Bible translators with training, equipment, technology, and support to facilitate Bible translation for their language groups.

"God is putting the pieces together," says Neu. "We can be a part of providing them a safe place to translate the Bible!"

The organization is currently accelerating the work of Bible translation in 68 countries, with 751 Bible translations in progress.

"The Christians are asking for Bibles. They are willing to face the dangers because they are more passionate about God’s Word than they are about their own safety," says Neu. "We can give them the Scriptures that will speak to the struggle and pain our brothers and sisters in Christ face as they live in this difficult region."