Premier Brian Pallister has a message for those not following COVID-19 restrictions.

Pallister is displeased with a gathering that occurred over the weekend in Steinbach that featured a pastor rallying against public health orders.

"You don't have to believe in COVID for it to be real," Pallister says, noting that 100 yards away people were being triaged in their cars for COVID-19, and further down the road Steinbach residents in care homes are dying from the virus.

He says there is a book with a particular line in it that he wants those who attended the rally to consider.

"To the folks that were there, there is a book I have a lot of time for. And one of the things I always hold high in that book is a phrase. It says 'thou shalt not kill.' Maybe you can reflect on that."

For those who gathered, he says to check your mailbox in the upcoming week.

"There is more to come than just that ticket," Pallister says.

Steinbach's Mayor, Earl Funk, says he disagrees with the protest. Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen said the rules needed to be followed. A Steinbach City Councillor, Michael Zwaagstra, is calling the event was a "disgrace" and does not reflect the opinions of Steinbach residents. All 54 doctors working in Steinbach have since signed a letter pleading to the community to take the pandemic seriously. 

The Premier says he is "fine with fines" and will be announcing more on the enforcement measures tomorrow.

He is looking to bend the curve.

"When I say bend the curve, I mean down."

Pallister says more COVID-19 enforcement could becoming. 

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin says nothing is off the table, but if a total lockdown were to occur it would need the blessing from provincial ministers.