A radio pastor was killed last month in northern Uganda after comparing Christianity to Islam on the air.

Muslim extremists killed David Omara, 64, on Oct. 31, Morning Star News reports.

The pastor was beaten and strangled after he finished his broadcast, according to Omara's son, Simon Okut.

Okut says he witnessed his father's ambush.

"Immediately after his preaching, someone telephoned my father appreciating his presentation," Okut says. "He then requested him to meet somewhere with some of his friends. We left the radio station. As we arrived at the said place, there came out of the bush six people dressed in Islamic attire, and they started strangling and beating my father with blunt objects."

Okut says as the men beat his father, one said, "This man ought to die for using the Koran and saying Allah is not God but an evil god collaborating with satanic powers."

Okut fled for his life. Two attackers chased him but did not catch him.

After hearing the news, residents of the area were shocked and added. Church members feared further Islamist violence at Omara's funeral held Nov. 4.

Okut says his mother, Omara's wife, "wept and faithed and collapsed with deep groaning." She has been admitted to the hospital and treated for shock. She went unconscious and reportedly endured electroconvulsive therapy to stimulate her brain, but she has not yet been able to recognize people.

Colleagues of Omara say the pastor "worked tirelessly for the kingdom of God to the day he breathed his last breath."

Omara leaves behind his wife and eight children, ranging in age from 10 to 30.

A church leader has asked for prayers and financial support for the Omara family.