A Christian Canadian hip-hop/rapper is releasing his new, and relatable single 'Highs and Lows.'

"Creatively, there was a lot that came into it. It developed over a period of time. I wanted to highlight the journey of one's life, specifically a believer's life," says Paul Hernandez, a from B.C.

Another aspect of the inspiration behind Hernandez's single, released August 27, 2021, was coming out of the intense pandemic time. 

"I look at my life in the past two years and a lot has happened. I lost a couple of people I love. I've gained a few relationships that I never thought I would enter. I've been through amazing experiences with my wife, joining a new community and creating more music learning from all those experiences."

Hernandez says he's experienced highs and lows in his faith journey as well.  

"I wanted to write a song to encourage people to sing through their moments. When the hook drops, it's very melodic, kind of seamless and ethereal. Looking at it like, it's almost easy when you do it with God. When we lean on Him we can really have perspective."

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Hernandez took his final inspiration for the song from Romans 5, in which scripture talks about rejoicing in the suffering. 

"I hope listeners soak the music up in a way to make better decisions, to have fun, and enjoy music in a way that is substantial," says Hernandez.

He is hoping to hit the road with his music again soon, though no set plans are in place with the ups and downs of the constant COVID restrictions. However, he says an album is on the way and he hopes to release it in October.