There was a large congregation for the Easter Sunrise Service in Steinbach at the Grace Mennonite Church. 

The service began at 7 a.m. on Easter Sunday and the church was full. 

Conductor Albert Bergen appreciates this opportunity to sing with the community. 

“This is important because this is the pinnacle, and this is the climax of Christianity, which is my personal faith,” says Bergen. “Serving God with the choir and with the brass quintet was just amazing. I rarely or sparingly use the word ‘amazing’, but this fits it very, very well.” 

For this very special service, Bergen brought in a choir from Mitchell Elementary School.

ChurchPeople of all ages gathered early Sunday morning for the Easter Sunrise Service in Steinbach.

“If kids love singing, they will keep singing their whole life. So, those kids that you saw up here, those 24-25 kids, they will keep singing their whole life,” he says. “And ultimately that's my goal as a music teacher, to make people sing and enjoy singing. But to see this multigenerational from grandparents to parents to children sing together, that's pretty special. And that's how it should be.” 

The Easter Sunrise Service was put on by the Eastman Choral Association. It also featured the Steinbach Brass, with Annalee Schellenberg on piano and Karen Peters at the organ. 

-With files from Michelle Sawatzky