A pedophile who kidnapped and repeatedly sexually assaulted two boys in an abandoned Saskatchewan house in 2006 has been denied parole.

Fifty-one-year-old Peter Whitmore had a request for full parole refused in a written decision signed by Parole Board of Canada members Kathleen Gowanlock and Alison Scott on Aug. 31.

The decision says that Whitmore "caused great harm to two children in what was a prolonged attack" and continues to have "acknowledged deviant sexual preferences."

Whitmore will remain in a federal prison in Ontario, serving a life sentence for offences that include kidnapping, sexual assault causing bodily harm, threats and possession of child pornography.

In their decision denying parole, the Ontario board members described how Whitmore had befriended the family of a 14-year-old boy in Manitoba, and convinced the father and son to take a road trip in 2006.

When the father was gone, Whitmore kidnapped the boy, sexually assaulted him and drove to Saskatchewan with the victim and kept him in an abandoned house. Whitmore then kidnapped a 10-year-old boy and held both boys captive for days, repeatedly sexually assaulting them.

The members noted that Whitmore had a record of repeat sexual offences going back to 1993, and served prior federal sentences for those crimes.

"You manipulated vulnerable families into trusting you with their children and subsequently used weapons, domination and fear to coerce victims," the decision says.

"You have a dismal community supervision record, showing little regard for the terms of probation or peace bonds."

The decision says that Whitmore endured an abusive and unstable childhood that included sexual abuse at the hands of various men and may have sustained a brain injury due to this abuse.

The board members quoted from a psychological risk assessment of Whitmore that said, "it is difficult to imagine a time when risk will be considered manageable in the community in this case."

"This is not the time, and Whitmore was quite matter of fact in acknowledging that they are not trying for release and accepting of continuing on their current journey of self-exploration, Bible study, and therapy while incarcerated."

The decision says that Whitmore had a history of interpersonal problems with other inmates, predatory sexual behaviour towards vulnerable inmates and had been involved in threats and assaults while in prison.

The board members said they had reviewed a submission by Whitmore's lawyer saying the inmate's ability to manage various mental health conditions had improved.

However, they also wrote that Whitmore hadn't provided the board with a release plan or indicated what support was available in the community.

"The board notes your steady progress in many areas. Although this decision may be disappointing to you, the board encourages you to continue along the journey of reintegration by participating in temporary absences and developing a day parole plan," the decision said.

It noted Whitmore's lawyer said the risks of re-offending could be reduced by sex-drive reducing medication, the passage of time and programming.

"You may well have mitigated your risk somewhat, but these gains have yet to be tested outside the institution," the decision said.

"To conclude, the board denies full parole. It is the board's opinion that you will present an undue risk to society."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 7, 2022.