Let's be honest, Winnipeg - it's cold here, but not as cold as in Churchill. We have a little bit better than the polar bears, I might think.

This week, November 2-8, is Polar Bear Week, an international week of awareness and education about the lives of polar bears, the issues they face, and our responsibility as a species sharing their space. If last week's big reveal of sibling Polar Bear Cubs Blizzard and Star didn't get the arctic on your mind, then today's sudden burst of flurries in our skies probably will.

And NOW, if you want the arctic in your vision, too, there's a new livestream just for making it happen. A collaboration between Polar Bears International, Explore.org, and Frontiers North Adventures has created a livestream that will be broadcasting the lives of polar bears in churchill.

In addition to snooping on those polar bears and their frigid habitat 24/7, you can also catch some live webcasts interviewing scientists, bear experts, and researchers on a number of topics in the lives of polar bears.

Check out the stream here.

Explore.org also feature a large selection of incredible, awe-inspiring livestreams from habitats across the world.