As most of Manitoba is put under an extreme cold warning, Winnipeg shelters are doing the best they can to keep the vulnerable community warm and safe.

Siloam Mission is one of the shelters that are handing out hot meals and winter clothes for people who are homeless to keep them from getting frostbite.

"We're seeing stories in the news and from people who are coming to us, people who are dealing with frostbite and having trouble finding places to get out of the cold," says Luke Thiessen, manager of internal and external communications at Siloam Mission.

Thiessen says they are doing everything they can to keep their doors open to be a space for people to warm up from the extremely cold weather.

Many people are stopping at Siloam to use its free clothing store and its drop-in to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Thiessen says that they are always looking for donations, both monetary and supplies. Winter clothes are in demand right now, so this includes mittens, long johns, long sleeves, sweaters, and jackets, but also includes t-shirts and other clothes that can be used to layer up.

Volunteer opportunities are also available at Siloam Mission.

For those who can't make their way to Siloam Mission to donate, shelters all around Winnipeg would appreciate any help they receive as well.