A suspect did not put his best foot forward as RCMP officers found him stuck in a tunnel. 

On Sunday morning on Westco Drive in Portage la Prairie, a man entered a house, threatening its occupants. RCMP say the homeowner was able to drive the suspect out of the house, resulting in the suspect fleeing to a field.

RCMP received the report just after 8:30 a.m. and discovered the 25-year-old suspect matched the description of a report from earlier in the morning. Earlier that Sunday, RCMP say a man, in relation to an assault that had occurred, fled from police.

Investigating further, police say they were led to a residence on Baker Avenue. Once arriving, RCMP officers learned that the suspect, attempting to evade an arrest, was hiding inside a tunnel under the home.

rcmp manitoba(RCMP Manitoba)

The suspect then told police he had a weapon, leading officers to call the RCMP Emergency Response Team (ERT).

RCMP say once they arrived, ERT discovered the man was not armed.

Finding a sump pit outside the residence, police found an entrance to the tunnel the man was believed to be in.

Looking into the pit, RCMP officers saw two legs and shoeless feet poking out. At this point, officers learned the suspect was stuck.

Emergency crews then removed the stuck suspect from the tunnel, taking him into custody.

The suspect is now facing Break and Enter, Uttering Threats, and Resisting Arrest charges in relation to entering the Westco Drive home. He is also facing an Assault charge for the previous incident.