One person is dead and another is in hospital in stable condition after a shooting at a nightclub in Winnipeg's Exchange District.

Const. Rob Carver says that police were called to an establishment in the 200 block of Bannatyne Avenue around 1:30 a.m. Saturday. 

A shooting took place first inside the nightclub and spilled over into the streets. Investigation markers could be seen on Princess Street Saturday morning. 

Carver says a large number of people were in the club at the time of the incident. He has asked members of the public that may have a video of the incident to hand it over to the police, even if you feel it is not helpful.

Both victims are believed to be men under the age of 30, but no other information is available at this time.

There are now 38 homicides in the City of Winnipeg in 2019. That is just three away from the highest ever mark of 41 in 2011.

Carver says that the high murder rate this year is causing citizens, police, and media to forget the human connection to each of the victims. "I want to mention something that homicide investigators spoke to me about yesterday. There are a lot of homicides in this city, and what's happening is -- and I'm guilty of this as well -- every homicide is a victim. And it's a tragedy for a family, and a community, and I'm guilty of this as well but we're referring to them by numbers ... it pains me to have to reference someone who's been murdered as a number."

No arrests have been made at this time. Carver says as of 11 a.m. investigators remain on the scene.