Police in a southern Manitoba community have increased patrols in the area of a middle school following two reports of suspicious activity.

Last week, a concerned father contacted police in Morden, indicating his young son and a friend had been approached by motorists on two different occasions while they were on their way to school before Christmas break.

According to the report, the boy had been asked by a man driving a van if he wanted to hop in. When he declined, the driver offered candy in order to further lure the child. The boy again refused and the vehicle drove off.

Then on that same day, the boy's friend said she was walking to school when an SUV with a man and a woman inside came up to her and offered a ride. When she declined, indicating that she doesn't accept rides from strangers, the woman passenger reportedly offered up candy. The girl refused and the vehicle drove off.

The public is asked to contact Morden Police Service if they notice anything suspicious.