The Winnipeg Police Service live-streamed an information session for parents and children, discussing the potential dangers of going online.

The session, led by a Winnipeg police officer, discussed how to keep children safe online.

As children are isolating at home, many young ones are spending more time online.

Instead of going to schools and educating children there, the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) decided to host a webinar so those at home can learn how to be safe. 

A School Education Specialist from the WPS spoke about online gaming and social media, and how to keep kids safe from online dangers. The specialist also talked about the dangers of predators and cyberbullying.

He also asked parents to keep an eye on viral challenges and talk with them about which ones are safe to take part in.

The specialist highlighted that if a child is feeling unsafe, they can talk to their parents about it.

"This happens everywhere. This happens in Winnipeg," the officer says.

The WPS highlighted TikTok, XBox Live, as well as several other online platforms. The officer says that each platform has its pros and cons, but asks parents to go on the apps with their kids and to set accounts to the public.

They also asked parents to look for two calculator apps on their child's phones. They warn that a calculator app could actually be a "vault" to hide files.

The WPS asks parents to "educate yourself and your child about the apps and games they are using" and to continue to have conversations about going online.

The specialist says that being a good role model will help teach children how to be safe and respectful online.

Posted by Winnipeg Police Service on Thursday, April 9, 2020