Casting Crowns is asking their fans for prayer after two scary incidents within weeks of each other.

Over the weekend, Casting Crowns posted a video on social media showing an incident at one of their 20th anniversary tour stops.

It showed a front-end loader driving through the parking lot, running over boulevards and heading straight for police officers attempting to stop it. 

"Well, last night was another unusual night!" Casting Crowns shared on Instagram. "We saw the lights from a distance, and as they got closer, we realized it was a front-end loader driving through the parking lot. It began driving in circles and running over trees in the medians. We called inside and let our people know what was going on as we watched officers with guns drawn, trying to talk the man out of the tractor."


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From there, the band says the tractor made its way out of the parking lot and onto a road where the driver rammed the vehicle into a police car on the highway. In their post, Casting Crowns says police fired over 100 shots at the tractor.

No officers were injured during the incident, according to News West 9.

"We found out later that he had been trying to get into the venue where we were playing and was turned away and was seen standing outside in one of the neighbouring buildings. It wasn’t determined until later that evening that it was the same guy."

The University of Texas Permian Basin Police Department told News West 9 the driver was taken to hospital in critical condition. Odessa Police later updated to say he had been upgraded to stable condition.

"I don’t have any information on his name, but can you guys pray for him," said the band on Instagram. "Mental health struggles are heightened by so many things. With all that’s going on in the world right now, I think tensions are high with all of us."

This wasn't the first time police have been called to one of their tour stops. On October 7, a truck was stolen from their show.

"It was a lot of trouble, and our team lost a lot of sleep, and our show was delayed in setting up today," the band mentioned the day of their show.


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The Topeka Police Department found the truck on a highway nearby. The semi suffered minor damage. 

A 39-year-old woman was arrested and faces a long list of charges.

Casting Crowns reached out for prayer for the woman. "Pray that she will sense God working in her heart and that she will surrender to Him. She’s so much more than a thief. She’s a soul that needs a Savior."

Casting Crowns have a few more stops on their 20th anniversary tour ahead of the release of their documentary, Home By Sunday on November 30.