Newly designed toilets, created from shipping containers, are set to become one of downtown Winnipeg's newest features.

They're going to provide a bit of an untraditional facelift for the city.

"The purpose of this pop-up toilet is to provide an educational facility that will let people know it is possible to have a safe, well-maintained, clean toilet facility." says Wins Bridgman, owner of BridgmanCollaborative Architecture and designer of the bathroom receptacles.

Bridgman, who's partnered with the Downtown Biz for the funding of the project, says he's been working a long time to see a project like this come to life. It's about breaking barriers, he says, and ensuring the comfort of all visit Winnipeg's downtown, regardless of your abilities or socio-economic status.

"There are people with special needs, and whether you're in a wheelchair and have a caregiver with you, whether you're a child or you're a person who might be homeless... for these people, it can often be a 'washroom desert' downtown," says Bridgman.

It's about making sure that everyone can be downtown and have access to basic, necessary amenities that everyone needs.

"We need to have public amenities available for everyone, regardless of what their abilities or needs are. That's part of the kind of Winnipeg that I think we all want and love," explained Bridgman. 

Siloam Mission is also a partner in the project, as individuals connected with their job training program, MOST (Mission Off The Streets) will work as attendants for the washrooms, ensuring they are well-maintained, as well as running the nearby kiosks to be associated with the pop-ups.

"We want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable being able to come downtown."

Four locations are set to feature pop-up toilets, with the first locations opening June 1 in front of the Millenium Library and on the grounds of Trinity Anglican Church.