Winnipeg street crews are hard at work to fill in the many potholes affecting streets all across the city. 

"We had a long winter and we had wet conditions with melting snow and rain in conjunction with some freeze and thaw cycles over the past few weeks which caused the creation of many potholes," says Michael Cantor, the Manager of Street Maintenance with the City of Winnipeg. 

Street maintenance crews are going out today for the first time with hot asphalt to help with the situation.

"We have many crews out there and we'll have more in the coming weeks to address the potholes across the whole city. We're doing it by priority and severity."

In the past few weeks maintenance was using cold asphalt. The availability of the hot asphalt from this point forward means the roads will have a higher quality repair, according to Cantor. 

"They are creating damage to vehicles. Hopefully, within a few days of using the hot asphalt, we'll see a difference."

Cantor couldn't say exactly what area of Winnipeg was the highest priority to repair as the issue is city-wide.

"I think this is the worst we've seen, just due to the length of winter and the freeze and thaw cycles we've seen so late into the spring season. We are working around the clock to bring it back to a decent condition."