There is hope entering 2021, despite the preceding year of uncertainty, as the Word of God spreads to new places in spite of persecution. 

Mission News Network reports Bibles were successfully distributed in East Asia last year, bringing the Gospel to new areas of the world.

More than 30,000 gospels of John were requested by churches and Christians in Wuhan, China, says John Pudiate of Bibles For The World.

The organization was able to distribute more than 300,000 gospels of John and 15,000 Bibles in 2020.

"The strongest requests were coming from Wuhan, the '[ground] zero' of this pandemic," Pudaite says. "They said, 'so many people are coming to us and searching for truth in this crazy time.'"

Vietnam is also experiencing a reawakening to Christ. Even though missionary work in Vietnam was largely stopped in 1975, Christian groups are now seeing doors open to spread the Gospel again in the country.

Pudaite says a new program has been launched through Bibles For The World and asks for prayer that their outreach to Vietnam will be successful.

"Pray for boldness for our partners there; pray for wisdom and discernment," says Pudaite.

Despite the postponement of the organization's annual Christmas celebrations, Pudaite says the Gospel cannot be contained, even by a pandemic.

"The Gospel will not be quarantined and the Holy Spirit cannot be locked down. We've seen that over and over again in these countries where we've been working," he says.