Joyce Perreault is rejoicing after her 14-year-old daughter with cancer fought off a fever last week, saying, "We felt those prayers."

"Tuesday morning she developed a fever, but within half an hour it went away. Wednesday morning and her whole body was heated up," says Perreault who has been at the Children's Hospital with her daughter for a week now.

Perreault and her daughter Phoenix were in Dauphin, finding support from family when she caught the fever. They left for Winnipeg on Wednesday to get Phoenix medical help. 

"At first she complained about her back being sore. I thought it was the cancer. She had sores in her mouth and they got worse within half a day, and that's what caused sepsis in her body."

Phoenix was immediately admitted and the doctors had her on three different antibiotics. 

"The fever got worse and her blood pressure was low. She ballooned up, her face, hands, feet and her oxygen levels were low."

Perreault reached out to everyone she knew to ask for prayer. During the 'Nobody But Jesus' radiothon with CHVN, the whole group at Union Gospel Mission was praying over Phoenix. 

"Phoenix said, 'Mom, I don't want to die.' I was praying and asked the Lord, if you're going to take my baby, please don't let her suffer."

The next day Perreault started to see her daughter overcome the fever and sepsis. 

"So many people, even people that never prayed before, prayed. Believe me, we felt those prayers because today my baby is back to normal."

Perreault has seen a complete turnaround in her daughter.

"Her vitals are excellent, her swelling has gone right down. She's off oxygen. The rest of her body feels fine and I thank God so much for that."

The doctors want to keep Phoenix in the hospital for a few more days to make sure everything is fine before they discharge her. 

"I need a miracle for myself because there are times I want to fall apart and my faith grows weak. After today, I think it's a bit stronger."