A CHVN listener is giving thanks to God, and to you for your prayers, after getting her feet tickled last week.

Tracy Hendrickson has been calling into CHVN for prayer each week for almost a year. She was in a series of unfortunate car accidents 10 years ago which left her with arthritis in her legs. After years of being able to move around with a walker, she began losing strength in her leg muscles. After a fall at home last year she spent months in local hospitals trying to regain strength to walk.

On Sunday, Hendrickson called with an exciting update.

"I just had to call. I've got to share (with) you guys really good news. I'm not walking yet, but I'm able to stand up to get on to my walker and stand sturdy and up," she says.

Besides not being able to walk still, Hendrickson says she's lost sensation in her feet. She had been extremely ticklish, especially in her feet, all of her life. However, since her troubles last year, even that had disappeared due to the loss of sensation.

While getting help from a homecare worker on Sunday for a bath, a small miracle happened.

"I haven't felt that sensation in the bottom of my feet for a long time. (The home care worker) dried the left foot first, and it tickled! I have not felt that tickle for a long time, like at least a year, or more. And then she tried it on the right. She wanted to see if I had sensation there. I got sensation on the right foot too, and felt the tickling. I'm just so happy," she says choking back tears of joy.

"You guys are the first one, CHVN and the listeners, that I'm sharing this with. I just thank God, and I thank you all for praying for me."

Hendrickson says she's praying the return of sensation means she'll soon be back to walking. Please continue to pray for Tracy and continued healing.