A family is asking for prayers after their teenage daughter with bone cancer stopped responding to chemo and is spreading further.

On February 19, 14-year-old Phoenix found out she had an aggressive type of bone cancer. 

"She was diagnosed with Metastatic Osteosarcoma. This means it's already spread. They amputated her leg on March 11. She's done five rounds of chemo ever since," says Phoenix's mother, Joyce Perreault.

On May 18, Phoenix went in for a scan to see if the chemo was doing anything to the cancer. 

"Just this past Tuesday they let us know that the chemotherapy hasn't worked other than stopping further spreading. There are spots on her rib and spine, and the one on her spine has grown."

Perreault says right now they are in shock. The next step is radiation if doctors think it will help. However, that decision hasn't been made. 

"They have cancelled all the chemotherapy because it's not working. That's what's bothering me the most," says the worried mom. 

Phoenix has had such a fighter's attitude throughout the past few months. While she was tube fed for months, she just started eating physically again this week. She can stand for a short period of time as well.

"With all she's been through, all this chemo and losing her leg, I've never seen such a good spirit in a girl. Every time she sees me tear up, she says, 'Mom, I got this.' Even though my heart is breaking, when I see her smile I know the Lord is with us."

The Perreault's are asking for prayers in this time of waiting. 

"I ask for a big team prayer for all the Christians out there. To believe together, the children of God, that at least the radiation will work. So I'm just asking for prayer."

Perreault is an Ojibwe teacher at Sergeant Tommy Prince School but since this all happened she has quit her job to be with her daughter.  

"We call her our little warrior, she's so strong in so many ways."