Manitoba's Premier continues to keep his eye on spring flood potential in the province. Brian Pallister says he is praying that we don't get hit this year.

"We cannot have a flood, we just don't need a flood. The people affected have all too often experienced floods in recent years, they know the hardships that they have had to endure."

He goes on to say that for the sake of productivity in the province we need great agricultural outcomes and notes that's tough to achieve when high soil moisture is combined with a flood event.

Pallister says he is looking forward to what the upcoming flood forecast, due at the end of February, has in store for the province.

"We know the conditions are looking really dangerous right now. The weather conditions between now and the spring melt will be very very important in determining the degree in which we have challenges. A slow melt would be something for us all to hope for."

Meantime, the Premier says his government continues to work with municipal officials in preparation for local flooding.

"And that means working with our emergency management teams, reviewing our emergency response plans, sharing information through conference calls (and) flood information seminars."

Pallister adds he and Infrastructure Minister Blaine Pederson also plan to visit various communities to offer the province's support and encouragement.