The province is anticipating more Manitobans isolating at home this fall.

The province says a member of a household is being tested for COVID-19, they must isolate until the COVID-19 test results have returned. Additionally, if one household member is isolating, the whole household must also isolate.

"Should that person become a case, they should have zero contacts," Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin says. "Many household members are also becoming cases because that person is unable to successfully isolate from others."

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin says the household needs to stay home until they receive test results.

"In the summer, we asked people to prepare for absenteeism, to prepare plans for the need to self-isolate."

These plans include finding ways to receive the essentials. 

In the next couple of weeks, Roussin is anticipating a spike in absences in response to the new regulation. Roussin hopes households have made plans to find ways to get what they need.

The household member awaiting test results will need to have their own bathroom and room, if possible. If a separate bathroom is not possible, the bathroom must be cleaned in between uses.

"We won't be here forever, but we need to be here right now."

Roussin says the province can also provide the patient with alternative accommodations if isolation is not possible.

"There is certainly no need to panic buy. There is no need to panic."

The doctor says short-term isolations will prevent the virus from spreading.

"We are going to see these numbers start coming down as long as we get people on board," Roussin says. "We need to act now."

Premier Brian Palliser says preventative measures from Manitobans will make a difference in COVID-19 case numbers.

Roussin and Pallister are asking Manitobans to work together so they can physically be together in the future.

"This is challenging times. The pandemic has been around eight, nine months and some people are getting tired of the restrictions and some people are losing focus on how severe this can be," Roussin says. "We need everyone on the same page on this."

Roussin says Manitobans must continue to follow the fundamentals such as washing their hands frequently, reduce the number of contacts, and stay home when sick. 

"It is natural for people who are doing the right things to have COVID fatigue right now because they are, quite understandably, tired of COVID. But if you are really tired of COVID, let us work together as a team and get rid of COVID," Pallister says.

Pallister says the province will be advertising the importance of Manitobans following the fundamentals. The Premier says that he has heard from Manitobans, both wanting more restrictions and wanting less, and says he will continue to ask Manitobans to follow public health orders. 

"I think we are stepping up in the right way and I count on Manitobans to do that."