A Christ-centred education will be more affordable for those hoping to attend Providence in the 2020-2021 school year.

On October 28 Providence University College announced a tuition freeze for all Providence students, both returning and new students.

Vice President of External Relations, Cody Quiring, says this type of announcement doesn't come around every day in higher education. 

"It's rare as we continue to see tuition prices go up across the country," he says.

The announcement of a tuition freeze will not only make an impact on new or prospective University College and Theological Seminary students. As Quiring says, "This is across the board.

"Whether you are in our university college, our theological seminary, ELI program, new student, a returning student, the costs will remain as they were this year."

Financial supporters of the private institution can be credited in part for making this rare occurrence possible.

Quiring says, "We are very gracious for our continuous support from the community.

"We have a wide spectrum of financial support. We give over $450,000 in scholarships and bursaries annually."

"It is always a challenge in private Christian higher education to provide students with the quality education - that Providence is known for - and at the same time making it as accessible as possible to as many students as possible," says Quiring.

"By holding the tuition rate, to our current rate for the coming year, we are indicating our commitment to ensuring that our transformational educational program here at Providence will remain available to as wide a variety of students as possible."