The provincial government has granted schools some extra flexibility this year when it comes to religious programming.

Typically, it is mandated than any religious exercises or instruction take place at a specified time in a specified location.

Hanover School Division Superintendent Shelley Amos says this year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been given some wiggle room on those fronts.

“We can now hold it in a different space than it normally is held in and we can hold it at different times throughout the day,” she details. “In our larger schools, where it is more complicated, we can aalso reduce the frequency so it might not happen on a daily basis, but only one two or three times a week.”

Amos says allowances this year may also be made to have religious programming before or after school or during recess time.

She notes religious exercises at middle schools and high schools will likely begin mid-September, just slightly later than usual, and religious instruction for younger students will begin in October around the same time it always does.