For the first time in Manitoba's history, more than half of the new deputy ministers are women.

Roles in the Manitoba public service are changing with today's announcement from the Premier.

Senior ranks of the Manitoba public service are altering, as there are new appointments for deputy ministers.

“This is a strong, effective team of deputy ministers to help lead Manitoba’s public service through transformation and change in a very challenging time,” Premier Brian Pallister says. “I am particularly proud that, for the first time ever in Manitoba history, we have actually exceeded gender parity in the number of deputy ministers in our government with the largest number of female deputies the province has ever seen.”

Of the 19 appointments, 10 of those are women.

The new deputy minister appointments are:

•    David McLaughlin – clerk of the executive council and cabinet secretary; deputy minister of intergovernmental affairs; and deputy minister responsible for the Climate and Green Plan Implementation Office;
•    Charlene Paquin – civil service commissioner and associate clerk of the executive council for public service transformation;
•    Elliot Sims – deputy minister of regulatory accountability and associate clerk of the executive council for legislative and regulatory affairs;
•    Michelle Dubik – deputy minister of Indigenous and northern relations;
•    Jan Forster – deputy minister of conservation and climate;
•    Kathryn Gerrard – deputy minister of families;
•    Dori Gingera-Beauchemin – deputy minister of agriculture and resource development;
•    Bruce Gray – deputy minister of municipal relations;
•    Richard Groen – deputy minister of finance;
•    Karen Herd – deputy minister of health, seniors and active living;
•    Jeff Hnatiuk – deputy minister of sport, culture and heritage;
•    Tracey Maconachie – deputy minister of economic development and training;
•    Bernadette Preun – acting deputy minister of Crown services;
•    Michael Richards – deputy cabinet secretary of strategic operations;
•    Dana Rudy – deputy minister of education;
•    Scott Sinclair – deputy minister of central services;
•    Sarah Thiele – deputy minister of infrastructure;
•    David Wright – deputy minister of justice; and
•    Paul Beauregard – secretary to treasury board.

Tareq-el Zabat is a special advisor for the Lake St. Martin Channel Outlet Project within Manitoba Infrastructure.