Premier Brian Pallister is sharing ways the province is hoping to grow Manitoba's economy.

Pallister says there are approximately 40,000 people unemployed who had jobs one year ago.

"If we have a safer society we're going to have people more confident to go to work, to shop and create more job opportunities."

He says both public safety and a growing economy are locked in a symbiotic relationship, which is why the province is paying for advertisements, highlighting things they say are important for Manitoba.

The province's #RestartMB campaign is focusing on both public safety and economic recovery as officials say Manitobans are ready to live with COVID-19 while creating jobs and restarting services.

"Public health and safety is a key driver of recovery, and as we continue to safely restart our economy and reopen our communities, we must learn to live with this virus," Pallister says. "We are committed to being ready for what lies ahead – ready to live with COVID-19, ready to return to school, ready to restart our services, create jobs and grow our economy."

He adds the province must continue to act and follow public health advice to keep COVID-19 test positivity cases low.

"The past four months since COVID-19 arrived in Manitoba have been a period of rapid response and adaptation for programs and for public engagement," Pallister says. "We have done well and accomplished much, adapting as we go and working rapidly to respond.

The campaign hopes to continue to encourage Manitobans to contact the Manitoba Economic Support Centre to access programs and resources. Pallister says the centre has called more than 20,000 businesses to promote programs such as wage subsidies and the Manitoba Gap Protection Program.

The Premier says the centre will promote program priorities in the coming weeks.