A church in Morden is facing $10,000 in tickets for violating the Public Health Orders.

Christian Church of Morden Inc. publically announced they would be meeting in person at full capacity just over two weeks ago. After facing backlash, the German-speaking church took down its website and social media accounts. They have since updated their site to be password protected and are now facing $10,000 in tickets.

The Church of God Restoration south of Steinbach has previously faced many $5,000 tickets for not following the health orders.

"Enforcement officials continue to work with businesses to provide guidance and the majority of interactions are educational in nature," the province says in a statement.

Between April 12-18 two other businesses were ticketed for failure to comply with the Public Health Orders. 

The province says 121 warnings were handed out and 14 $1,296 individual tickets. 

"Eight of the 14 $1,296 tickets issued last week were in relation to gatherings in private residences or outdoors."

Three people were ticketed under the federal quarantine act. To prevent travelling issues, the province has enlisted Commissionaires Manitoba. The staff will be informing travellers at the Winnipeg International Airport of the current health orders, including the need to isolate. 

Close to 3,300 authorities have the ability to hand out tickets, including RCMP, law enforcement agencies, provincial employees and municipal partners. Since last year 3,804 warnings and 1,180 tickets have been issued.

The province is asking those who witness non-compliance and enforcement issues to complete a reporting form, or call 204-945-3744 or (toll-free) 1-866-626-4862.