Applicants of a program promising benefits for frontline workers are waiting for their payment from the province.

On June 2, the Province of Manitoba announced a $120 million fund to support low-income workers during the pandemic. 

The multi-million dollar Manitoba Risk Recognition Program fund is a program created to distribute funds to workers in industries such as healthcare, social services, justice, essential retail, and pharmacies. To be eligible, applicants must have worked 200 cumulative hours during the period of March 20 to May 29.

To fully complete the application, workers were required to provide their Social Insurance Number and email address and have a Canadian bank account. 

Almost one month ago, June 29, was the deadline to apply for the Manitoba Risk Recognition Program.

Today, the province of Manitoba has not shared a date when payments will be sent, or how much applicants will receive.

"The Finance department is working hard to review the many applications received and hopes to issue payment as soon as possible," the Province says in a statement.

The Province is citing errors on applications that require them to contact applicants as the reason for the wait.

"This includes resolving errors such as incorrect data - some applicants need follow up."

The amount being given to applications remains unknown.

"The review process needs to be fully complete before Finance deposits any funds - it needs an exact count since the amount will be divided equally between eligible recipients."